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Sandra Bibas, the story of a passionate creator

That was my last job. What I like about this story is the non-violent and unwanted transition to natural withdrawal, which led me from 12mg of nicotine in the first week to 0mg 5 years later. So yes I had a good accompaniment, and since then I want to tell all smokers that it is possible if you are well accompanied and well guided. Icovape? It's a mature project that I had originally shared with professionals in the sector, but when I said what do we do about such and such inconsistency or injustice? I was answered, you know Sandra, it's complicated... Yes it is complicated... It's complicated to say things, it's complicated to displease, it's complicated to make people move one way or another. I've been fighting for a long time and one thing's for sure, I believe in it! I believe in this incredible creativity that allows people to stop smoking! I believe in regulation (not necessarily PDT) that forces everyone to work ethically to make clean products, I believe in all of us working together to make stealth something strong, and that this injustice stops. I think that people have an incredible ability to denounce, to criticize, but that doesn't make things better? So I call on everyone to mobilize and take action. It is together that we will make a difference. I am counting on all the professionals to make Icovape their annual meeting for their business development and I am counting on all of you to make Icovape the highlight of at least one point per year because it is the front line of all the battles we will win this war! Make no mistake, each entity, each person, each industry, each association is crucial, but it is all together that we become ONE, it's a bit like a hand, each of us is a finger, we are all super important, but when we have to make a fist, we have to tighten all our fingers to form one hand and tap the table... That's what Icovape is all about and that's clearly what's at stake here. So I'll see you in Marrakech from 7 to 10 September! In the meantime, stay at home ;) PS: I would like to thank the exhibitors, the buyers and the people who joined Icovape."

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