Sébastien Sirguey, vape reviewer "Seb et la Vap"

Dernière mise à jour : 1 juin 2020


Sébastien SIRGUEY is one of the very first French reviewers in the field of the vape. Since 2011, he has been busy testing all kinds of materials and liquids in order to develop information and knowledge around the electronic cigarette. Bringing the e-cig from the shadows to encourage smokers to vaporize is his hobbyhorse.Therefore, he created the VAPSHOW, a discussion group on YouTube (now defunct). Sébastien took part in the first "underground" Vapexpo in Bordeaux where he was able to meet many French brands that he saw being born. He is now a member of the Vapexpo Award's jury and gives his unconditional support to Vapexpo. Over time, he has become a freelance in the e-cig industry while continuing his unpaid personal reviews.

YouTube channel with professional presentation videos, creation of liquid ranges, back office site management, writing technical data sheets, site enrichment, company-specific training, advice... nothing stops it when it allows it to highlight e-cig with the right message! Supporting projects that will intelligently promote e-cig such as Icovape is also close to his heart. Sébastien SIRGUEY speaks: "For me, it doesn't matter what type of cig, the material, the liquid ... The important thing is to find the package that will keep us away from the cigarette. Talk about it around you. Pointing the finger at smokers is, for me, neither useful nor relevant. Many of us were smokers not so long ago. »

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