• Icovape

Icovape, what's that?

Icovape is the First International Congress dedicated to the vape and the aim is to bring together all potential stakeholders (healthcare professionals, e-liquid and equipment manufacturers, distributors and vendors, influencers, journalists and government officials...) in order to protect the consumer and build together the vape of tomorrow. The vape is becoming more and more fragile and our goal is to federate and create together a label to regulate the vape internationally so that it is completely healthy in any country.

The Icovape Congress takes place from 7 to 10 September 2020 in Marrakech !

Congress, why ?

 Bring together SCIENTIST, JOURNALISTS and VAPE EXPERTS in order to promote intelligent and responsible Vaping.

 Give journalists ACCESS TO TRUTHFUL INFORMATION about vaping in order to avoid unfounded "copy-paste" dispatches bu journalists without basis.

 ASSEMBLE local unions, associations and reviewers from each country for this International issue of Vaping, and unify their voices in order to be heard from Brussels to Washington!

DESPITE THE ECONOMIC PRESSURE from other markets (aka Big Pharma and Big Tobacco), politicians should understand that the vape is a significant industry player in the global economy.

 Finally, beyond the commercial aspects, remember that vaping first goal is to assist smokers in weaning themselves and thus, SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES.

And, so what ?

Meet decision-makers from around the world to foster business opportunities in an ideal setting.

♦ Take advantage of 25 appointments, included 20 that you choose from a list of the biggest buyers on the market.

♦ Share good times around a "mechoui" or "tagine" to get to know each other, and more if affinities mesh.

This is really an opportunity to take a real business break to think "out of the box" far from the classic B2C / B2B trade shows.


...is known throughout the world for its atmosphere, gastronomy, snake sharmers, majestic palaces...
And soon, THE ANNUAL GATHERING of all the biggest actors and vape defenders of the world.

In the program :

 Enjoy your stay in a 5-star hotel and let yourself be pampered during 
4 days and 3 nights to the rhythm of Moroccan colors and flavors.

♦ Meet your preferred desicion makers "one-to-one" and share all the highlights of this event with your future partners.

 Give your brand an international dimension and notoriety.

 Meet select buyers from around the world: big chain bosses or must-have distributors will share Moroccan min tea with you in the city of Arabian Nights.

 Make effective and relaxed business transactions at the edge of a swimming pool or under the shade of a palm tree allowing you space to deal with real exchanges. 

 Connect with colleagues from everywhere and strengthen collaborations with other brands that meet the same difficulties as you! 

 Encounter key figures of the Vape industry under the golden light of North African evenings organized just for you!

 And of course, help sustain your industry by attending the first major international Vaping congress!